High impact companies identified

Kopo Kopo provides back-office services that allow retailers in Kenya to accept payment for purchases by customers using their cellphones.  Biosense Technologies is a medical diagnostic company in India that has developed a non-invasive device, currently in clinical trials, that monitors hemoglobin in order to permit rural health workers to detect anemia particularly in pregnant women and children.  YoReciclo (website in Spanish) is a recycling organization in Mexico that collects recyclable materials, develops alternative products from them and teaches the benefits of recycling and environmental preservation.   Wello is a company in Rajasthan, India, that provides a rolling water carrier to families who do not have running water to reduce the effort and frequency of trips to a well to get potable water.  Over one billion people, one in six families on the planet, do not have access to water.  Cycle Chalao  is implementing a bicycle sharing program in India, a country with a high level of congestion and poor infrastructure in many areas.In addition to sharing an important social mission, each of these impact companies was recognized in a recent article in the New York Times as a participant in a novel business training and accelerator program run by the Unreasonable Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

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