A pioneering model for improving learning outcomes

Education has traditionally been a public sector service, but public education systems globally have struggled to meet the learning needs of low-income populations. In a rapidly developing economy like India, more than 50% of children between the ages of 15 and 19 are currently unemployed or out of school.

Acumen Fund’s new investment in Hippocampus Learning Centres (HLC) marks the launch of our Education Portfolio, which aims to expand access to high-quality learning and employability services for the poor, with a focus on social enterprises that have the potential to scale dramatically and deliver breakthrough innovations. HLC’s goal is to create positive and tangible learning outcomes for pre- and primary school children in rural India, using its in-house curriculum which allows children of various age groups to learn at their own pace. The photos below are from an HLC learning  centre in a rural area outside of Bangalore, India. To learn more about HLC and Acumen Fund’s Education Portfolio, click here.

HLC addresses huge gaps in the local education system by providing pre-school and after-school primary coaching programs to children aged 3-12 in rural Karnataka.

HLC also generates local employment by recruiting and training local women to teach their curriculum.

In areas where low-income families typically spend 10-20% of their income on education, HLC charges a low rate of Rs 100-250 ($2-5) per month, making their education services accessible to low-income families.

In rural India, national surveys show that more than half of 5th standard students cannot read a 2nd standard level text and only 28% can do a basic division problem.