Month: October 2012

Entrepreneurial Death Traps, Part 2

[Editor’s Note:  A few days ago we published the first part of a long-ago speech by a prominent US venture capitalist, Fred Beste, in which he gives advice to entrepreneurs (and investors) about mistakes to avoid.  Part 2 is below.…

Investments in Agriculture Mark World Food Day

Editor’s note: World Food Day, a global movement to end hunger, took place on October 16.
As we commemorate World Food Day 2012 it is crucial to explore the issues surrounding food security in a local and global context.  In much of the world populations are expanding dramatically with demand for food increasing in-step. Food security[…..]

Off the Grid Solutions in Mobile, Solar Schools

  Bangladeshi students on board a solar powered floating classroom, provided by Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha. (Image credit: IRIN Asia) Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Global Envision, which is managed by Mercy Corps — a NextBillion content partner.  Beep beep! For some…

Solving the Distribution Problem

[Editor’s Note:  As the following article notes, distribution of goods to the rural poor is a major problem in developing countries that is often overlooked.  Poor infrastructure increases the time and costs of reaching remote locations and low incomes of…

Getting the skills they need to succeed

As new members of the Acumen Fund family, we were excited about the opportunity to visit Edubridge, one of Acumen Fund’s most recent investments in the education space. The company was set up to create a bridge for the unemployed youth of the country by providing them commercially relevant training at their doorstep and arming[…..]