Month: March 2013

The power of networks

I grew up in a small rural town in the US.  I drove 45 minutes to get to my elementary school which had barely 25 students per grade.  Our nearest neighbor lived a quarter mile away. But we still trick-or-treated. We had an annual pie sale.  My best friend to this day[…..]

India CSR bill creates ripples in the social sector

I recently attended the World Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Summit in Mumbai which brought together nearly thirty heads of CSR departments and as many NGOs. The primary areas of discussion were the implications of the new 2% CSR policy included in the new Companies Bill in India.
The Indian parliament is currently in the process of[…..]

Acumen Values Award

At Acumen, our values are woven into all we do – from investing in companies to how we treat one another, our wider community, and the customers with whom we work. We realize that the work of creating change requires the moral imagination and, at times, courage, to consider trade-offs as we make the best[…..]

Edubridge – providing the job skills to succeed

In India, more than 50 percent of youth aged 15-19 are unemployed or out of school. Due to the huge gaps in educational quality, especially in rural areas, India faces critical shortages in skilled labor, despite a rate of nearly 2 million new job seekers per month. Without training or guidance to develop skills, these[…..]

A waiting game in Kenya

Nairobi looks like a ghost town these past few days with most businesses closed and the transport system almost at a standstill. Most people have been cautious and remained indoors since Monday. Things are still very calm but there’s increasing frustration with the slow pace at which the elections results are being tallied and announced.