The goal of Money Spent Well is to increase the investment of capital in for-profit enterprises in developing countries which provide (a) employment, products or services that benefit the poor and (b) reasonable returns to their investors.  Money Spent Well seeks to accomplish this goal by

  1. Education about investing practice in private companies in developing countries.
  2. Discussion of the process that prudent investors should employ in finding, evaluating and allocating capital to enterprises in developing countries;
  3. Provision of examples of companies that are accomplishing a social mission in developing countries;
  4. Creation of a forum for impact investors and social entrepreneurs to describe their efforts and express relevant points of view;
  5. Discussion of the appropriate measures of social impact and comparing these with more commonly used measures of return and risk;
  6. Identification of funds and companies that are engaged directly in social impact investing for those investors who seek the diversity of a fund and are willing to pay the higher costs associated with professional management; and
  7. Motivation of potential social entrepreneurs and investors to take the initial steps to improve the lives of people in developing countries through social enterprise.

Money Spent Well is sponsored and operated by Vista Ventures Social Impact Fund.  Vista Ventures is a small social impact fund that focuses on early stage companies with social or environmental impact in developing countries.  Its work includes advising social entrepreneurs as well individual investors, funds, companies and NGOs regarding business opportunities and good investment practice.  Further information can be found at its website, VistaVentures.com.

The managing director of Vista Ventures Social Impact Fund, Bill Harrington, may have personal investments in some of the companies that are highlighted on the site but that involvement is not meant as a recommendation or endorsement of any kind.  Prudent investors should perform their own due diligence before reaching a conclusion regarding the suitability of an investment in relation to their own desires, risk tolerance, and social objectives.

Much of the content published at Money Spent Well is obtained from other sources with recognition and care not to violate any restrictions on its publication.  Articles published on Money Spent Well may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes with appropriate attribution.  None of the contributors of either original or previously published content are compensated.  The companies, funds and support organizations that are mentioned on the site do not provide any compensation or support in return for that recognition.  Articles available through RSS feeds are linked to the article and are authored and published by others.

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For more information, please write to Bill [at] MoneySpentWell.org.