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Advisors for start-ups

What is an Advisory Board? Wikipedia described an Advisory Board as a body that advises the management of an organization. Unlike the Board, the advisory board does not have authority to vote on corporate matters, nor a legal fiduciary responsibility. Businesses choose to…

Start-up’s journey to capital

By Professor Arun Sangwan, Alliance University School of Business To be a successful startup takes more than just an idea. The budding entrepreneurs often believe that success is all about the ‘best’ cookies, apparel or carwash. Such myths can wreck…

What we look for in founders

1. Determination This has turned out to be the most important quality in startup founders. We thought when we started Y Combinator that the most important quality would be intelligence. That’s the myth in the Valley. And certainly you don’t…

d.light leaders named Social Entrepreneurs of Year

We are thrilled for our portfolio company d.light and Donn Tice, Chairman and CEO, along with cofounders Ned Tozun, President, and Sam Goldman, Chief Customer Officer, for being named Social Entrepreneurs of the year 2014 by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. d.light is a for-profit social enterprise that manufactures and distributes solar lighting and power products with primary […]

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Governance is often misunderstood but seriously important

To many small and medium business owners, the word “governance” sounds scary and Victorian. However, despite popular opinion, the value the governance process adds to even the smallest of enterprises is fundamentally misunderstood. Business owners often go into their particular business because they are passionate about it. They may know anything from a little to […]

Health Care by Subscription in India

Despite great improvements in recent years, a lack of affordable, quality medical care remains a significant challenge in modern India.  Currently, India lags behind many other developing countries in providing healthcare.  Total yearly healthcare spending is $132 per capita in…