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Changing customer behavior is a challenge

By Christopher Cuellar   Manufacturing solar powered lanterns? Easy. Developing a mobile wallet for farmers who don’t even have motorized vehicles? Simple. Turning human waste into cheap energy? Yawn. Getting people of all different backgrounds and socio-economic standings to change not…

Social impact investor offers steps to begin

Philippe van den Bossche, an impact investor and advocate of sustainable agriculture, offers four steps to getting started in social impact investing. According to the February 18 article published by FOX Business titled “How to Start Social Impact Investing,” more people are expressing…

Announcing a new investment: Miliki Afya

Acumen is pleased to announce a  $600,000 equity investment in Miliki Afya Ltd., a company that aims to create a chain of clinics that offer high quality, low cost, outpatient care and diagnostics in low income, densely populated areas in Kenya. An estimated 18 million Kenyans are in need of primary healthcare across urban, peri-urban […]

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Investments with low margin and high social return

  Photo credit: Utente Elitre Impact capital plays different roles in different scenarios, depending on whether it’s directed to early-stage, high-risk investments, more mature companies, or organizations that will likely need ongoing concessional support. In the first two scenarios, capital from impact…

Microsoft 4Afrika picks five startups

Things are going to be very interesting for African startups this year and Microsoft 4Afrika wants to be right in front for it. Today the initiative announced a new innovation grant for five African startups designed to invest in notable startups that will help further Africa’s global presence. According to the press statement, in addition […]

Affordable health insurance paid via M-Pesa

Access to healthcare remains a huge problem in most parts of Africa. In Kenya, the number could be as high as 38.8-million people — 97% of the 43.18-million population — that don’t have access to health insurance. Conversely, 23-million people in Kenya, 74% of the population, use mobile money. Now Kenya’s largest mobile operator, Safaricom, […]

Health Care by Subscription in India

Despite great improvements in recent years, a lack of affordable, quality medical care remains a significant challenge in modern India.  Currently, India lags behind many other developing countries in providing healthcare.  Total yearly healthcare spending is $132 per capita in…

The exit as a measure of success

  Impact investor LeapFrog Investments announced [in December] that it had sold its equity stake in Ghanaian insurer Express Life to Prudential PLC, one of the biggest insurance companies on the planet. Express Life sells micro-insurance and savings products to…

East Africa & India: Using Mobile Money

Keya is the Innovation Associate at Acumen in the New York office. She recently visited several of Acumen’s investee companies on a trip to East Africa, and discusses her experience below. Africa is a continent of colors; the deep blue of the sky, the brown roads snaking through oceans of dense green like rivulets, and […]

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