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No, its Not Too Much Trouble to Measure Impact

Sasha Dichter is Acumen’s Chief Innovation Officer and writes regularly about impact and philanthropy. Below he discusses why Acumen believes deeply in dedicating resources to measuring impact. As impact investing goes more mainstream, there is a growing chorus suggesting that impact measurement might be the providence of academics and idealists. (as in, “…we have spent […]

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Investing for Impact in India

    Vipul Prakash, an angel investor in India, shares his thoughts Impact investing, that is investments made into companies with the intention to generate social, environmental and financial returns, has been picking up pace in India in the last…

Changing Customer Behavior: A Last Mile Issue

Some weeks before the Christmas of 2012, I spent almost three hours with a d.light design team coming up with volume projections for the number of solar lamps we hope to sell in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, in 2013.
We factored in and questioned several assumptions here and there. We took a second look at[…..]

Other Than Affordability

It is 6am and Ghana’s sometimes scorching sun is gentle and refreshing. The communities in Ga West, west of Ghana’s capital Accra, are bustling. Open fires and cook-stoves are set up, children are being bathed. Women wrap their babies in colorful cloths around their waists and stroll towards a WaterHealth International community water system with[…..]

Husk Power Systems featured on PBS NewsHour

When the world’s largest democracy goes dark, it makes headlines. During the 2012 India blackouts, roughly 600 million people were left without power, making it the largest power outage in world history.  Not included among those without electricity were the more than 200,000 customers of Husk Power Systems (HPS) in the state of Bihar.  The[…..]

Nokia and Kenya Fund Mobile Start-ups

[This post originally appeared on HumanIPO, a leading African news and technology site.] Finnish mobile phone-maker Nokia has partnered with the government of Kenya through the Kenya ICT Board to work towards ensuring tech startups specialising in agricultural, health and…

Entrepreneurial Death Traps, Part 2

[Editor’s Note:  A few days ago we published the first part of a long-ago speech by a prominent US venture capitalist, Fred Beste, in which he gives advice to entrepreneurs (and investors) about mistakes to avoid.  Part 2 is below.…

Solving the Distribution Problem

[Editor’s Note:  As the following article notes, distribution of goods to the rural poor is a major problem in developing countries that is often overlooked.  Poor infrastructure increases the time and costs of reaching remote locations and low incomes of…