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Creating Variety in Cookstoves

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Villgro Fellows Blog, on March 7.
“There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy.”
Another Villgro Fellow Nilima recently referred me to this post from the Acumen Fund Blog by Sean Moore, which discussed the fact that it is so difficult to find an improved cook[…..]

Water Challenges in Rural India

Sarvajal’s innovative business model makes clean, affordable drinking water accessible in rural India. In an ideal world, centralized utility systems pipeline affordable, drinkable water to every household in the rural Indian landscape. Reality, however, is different: building utilities is expensive…

Starting from Scratch

SUNNY countries are often poor. A shame, then, that solar power is still quite expensive. But it is getting cheaper by the day, and is now cheap enough to be competitive with other forms of energy in places that are…

High impact companies identified

Kopo Kopo provides back-office services that allow retailers in Kenya to accept payment for purchases by customers using their cellphones.  Biosense Technologies is a medical diagnostic company in India that has developed a non-invasive device, currently in clinical trials, that…