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World Toilet Day: Flushing Poverty Away

Most of us don’t consider the implications of having a functioning toilet each and every time we use one. We rarely worry over where we’ll go when nature calls. There’s no concern over whether or not the waste will end up in our drinking water or if we’ll contract illness due to the inability to […]

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Other Than Affordability

It is 6am and Ghana’s sometimes scorching sun is gentle and refreshing. The communities in Ga West, west of Ghana’s capital Accra, are bustling. Open fires and cook-stoves are set up, children are being bathed. Women wrap their babies in colorful cloths around their waists and stroll towards a WaterHealth International community water system with[…..]

Converting Waste into Biofuel

Turning Poop into Profits: Waste Enterprisers Drive to Turn Waste Outputs into Fuel Inputs By Grant Tudor Waste Enterprisers CEO Ashley Murray (left), Teddy Nakato and Swaib Semiyaga, student researchers at a Kampala sewage treatment plant. (All images courtesy of Waste Enterprisers…

Capturing the best for World Water Day 2012

For World Water Day this year, we’ve compiled some of the best photos from across the water sector and our portfolio. For an in-depth look at Acumen’s perspective of the water sector, read Nijhad Jamal’s recent blog.
Photo Credit: G.M.B. Akash. Akash is the winner of the WIN Photo competition in 2011. His winning photo (above)[…..]

Mapping the Water and Sanitation Sector

At Acumen Fund, we look to invest in for-profit, social enterprises that are using market-based approaches to increase the affordability, access, and quality of water and sanitation to the poor in the developing world. Our previous investments in the sector cover everything from an enterprise creating rural community water centers, to organizations using microfinance to[…..]

Water Challenges in Rural India

Sarvajal’s innovative business model makes clean, affordable drinking water accessible in rural India. In an ideal world, centralized utility systems pipeline affordable, drinkable water to every household in the rural Indian landscape. Reality, however, is different: building utilities is expensive…

High impact companies identified

Kopo Kopo provides back-office services that allow retailers in Kenya to accept payment for purchases by customers using their cellphones.  Biosense Technologies is a medical diagnostic company in India that has developed a non-invasive device, currently in clinical trials, that…