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The Best and the Brightest

Since its inception a few years ago, the Unreasonable Institute has diligently encouraged ground-breaking and even disruptive business models as a means of finding solutions to poverty around the globe. With its ‘class of 2013,’ UI has learned from its…

Dignity, Not Dependence, While Living Under $1 a Day

2013-02-19-Teresiaandgrandson.jpgEditor’s note: this post originally appeared on Huffington Post Impact.
Her name is Teresia and she is full of life. She hails from Central Kenya, an area rich in agriculture where many still scratch out a living from the land itself. Nearly. Teresia, her daughter and her grandson together live on about $1 a day, earned[…..]

Islamic banking and its values

One of Acumen’s portfolio companies in Kenya is currently going through a capital restructuring. The entrepreneur is Muslim and at some point during the negotiations, the request to explore sharia-compliant financing came up. Not knowing much about Islamic banking, I did a bit of research. What I learned really impressed me. Sharia forbids of all[…..]

Nokia and Kenya Fund Mobile Start-ups

[This post originally appeared on HumanIPO, a leading African news and technology site.] Finnish mobile phone-maker Nokia has partnered with the government of Kenya through the Kenya ICT Board to work towards ensuring tech startups specialising in agricultural, health and…

Investments in Agriculture Mark World Food Day

Editor’s note: World Food Day, a global movement to end hunger, took place on October 16.
As we commemorate World Food Day 2012 it is crucial to explore the issues surrounding food security in a local and global context.  In much of the world populations are expanding dramatically with demand for food increasing in-step. Food security[…..]

Virtual City Automates Agricultural Supply Chains in East Africa

A low-cost version of the mobile data management service Agrimanagr will automate agricultural processing supply chains and help professionalize smallholder farmers

Nairobi, Kenya, June 5, 2012 – Acumen Fund, a pioneering nonprofit global venture firm addressing poverty across Africa and in South Asia, today announced a $1.5 million convertible debt investment in Virtual City,[…..]

High impact companies identified

Kopo Kopo provides back-office services that allow retailers in Kenya to accept payment for purchases by customers using their cellphones.  Biosense Technologies is a medical diagnostic company in India that has developed a non-invasive device, currently in clinical trials, that…