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GADCO Announces Investment from AATIF Fund

Editor’s note: our investee company, GADCO, shared this good news with us recently.  We wanted to share the announcement with our community and congratulate them on this new funding from AATIF.
Global Agri-Development Company (GADCO), the FMCG agri-food company operating in sub-Saharan Africa, is pleased to announce an investment from AATIF (Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment[…..]

Investments in Agriculture Mark World Food Day

Editor’s note: World Food Day, a global movement to end hunger, took place on October 16.
As we commemorate World Food Day 2012 it is crucial to explore the issues surrounding food security in a local and global context.  In much of the world populations are expanding dramatically with demand for food increasing in-step. Food security[…..]

Solving the Distribution Problem

[Editor’s Note:  As the following article notes, distribution of goods to the rural poor is a major problem in developing countries that is often overlooked.  Poor infrastructure increases the time and costs of reaching remote locations and low incomes of…

Replicating M-Pesa: Mobile and Cloud Technology Spur Innovation in Financial Inclusion

Editor’s Note: This post appeared on Nextbillion.net, and is one in a series of articles highlighting innovations for financial inclusion. It was first published on the Ashoka Changemakers blog as part of the G20 Financial Inclusion challenge. Part one of the series can be found here. To learn more about Acumen’s efforts in financial inclusion, read about our[…..]

A day at Husk Power University

Acumen Fund invested in Husk Power Systems (HPS) in 2010 to help them scale their innovative business model of using discarded rice husks as a source for rural off-grid electricity generation. HPS has since expanded to over 90 plants all over Bihar, India, and has launched Husk Power University (HPU), a technical training institute for[…..]

Starting from Scratch

SUNNY countries are often poor. A shame, then, that solar power is still quite expensive. But it is getting cheaper by the day, and is now cheap enough to be competitive with other forms of energy in places that are…

High impact companies identified

Kopo Kopo provides back-office services that allow retailers in Kenya to accept payment for purchases by customers using their cellphones.  Biosense Technologies is a medical diagnostic company in India that has developed a non-invasive device, currently in clinical trials, that…