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Start-up companies often retool

GUEST MENTOR Michele Serro, founder and CEO of Doorsteps: If there was ever a cliche about entrepreneurialism, it’s this: Joe or Jane McEntrepreneur were trying to book a flight/find flattering support garments/rent a car and were profoundly dissatisfied with the…

Advisors for start-ups

What is an Advisory Board? Wikipedia described an Advisory Board as a body that advises the management of an organization. Unlike the Board, the advisory board does not have authority to vote on corporate matters, nor a legal fiduciary responsibility. Businesses choose to…

A green revolution in Africa

Last month was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution. In 1944, Borlaug moved to Mexico to work on breeding high-yield, disease-resistant strains of wheat. Mexico adopted them — and in 1970, wheat…

Small Farms, Big Funding Gap

New research from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance reveals that local bank lending to smallholder farmers – which should be a main avenue for improving their access to finance – amounts to only $9 billion. That number represents less than 3 percent of…

Investing for Impact in India

    Vipul Prakash, an angel investor in India, shares his thoughts Impact investing, that is investments made into companies with the intention to generate social, environmental and financial returns, has been picking up pace in India in the last…

Changing Customer Behavior: A Last Mile Issue

Some weeks before the Christmas of 2012, I spent almost three hours with a d.light design team coming up with volume projections for the number of solar lamps we hope to sell in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, in 2013.
We factored in and questioned several assumptions here and there. We took a second look at[…..]

d.light celebrates 10 million customers served

Asif Ahmed beckoned us onto a makeshift porch with two worn chairs, a shelf with dusty books, and a steel table. A bulb glowed faintly in the corner. A minute after he ducked into his narrow passageway, he emerged with a bright orange lantern clutched in his hand. He proudly handed it to Atul, who[…..]

GADCO Announces Investment from AATIF Fund

Editor’s note: our investee company, GADCO, shared this good news with us recently.  We wanted to share the announcement with our community and congratulate them on this new funding from AATIF.
Global Agri-Development Company (GADCO), the FMCG agri-food company operating in sub-Saharan Africa, is pleased to announce an investment from AATIF (Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment[…..]