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UpEnergy gets investment for clean energy

UpEnergy, the Ugandan clean energy company and Unreasonable Institute alumni, has closed an equity investment deal, and is now raising US$1-million more in debt. We had a chance to catch up with UpEnergy co-founder Erik Wurster to chat about the fundin…

Changing Customer Behavior: A Last Mile Issue

Some weeks before the Christmas of 2012, I spent almost three hours with a d.light design team coming up with volume projections for the number of solar lamps we hope to sell in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, in 2013.
We factored in and questioned several assumptions here and there. We took a second look at[…..]

Dignity, Not Dependence, While Living Under $1 a Day

2013-02-19-Teresiaandgrandson.jpgEditor’s note: this post originally appeared on Huffington Post Impact.
Her name is Teresia and she is full of life. She hails from Central Kenya, an area rich in agriculture where many still scratch out a living from the land itself. Nearly. Teresia, her daughter and her grandson together live on about $1 a day, earned[…..]

d.light design wins Zayed Future Energy Prize

Hot on the heels of Ziqitza Health Care winning the Social Impact Award in India, d.light design just announced it has been awarded the Zayed Future Energy Prize for 2013. The Prize aims to catalyze innovation to create a new, sustainable energy future, and to inspire entrepreneurs to create a vision for a more environmentally[…..]

d.light celebrates 10 million customers served

Asif Ahmed beckoned us onto a makeshift porch with two worn chairs, a shelf with dusty books, and a steel table. A bulb glowed faintly in the corner. A minute after he ducked into his narrow passageway, he emerged with a bright orange lantern clutched in his hand. He proudly handed it to Atul, who[…..]

Off the Grid Solutions in Mobile, Solar Schools

  Bangladeshi students on board a solar powered floating classroom, provided by Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha. (Image credit: IRIN Asia) Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Global Envision, which is managed by Mercy Corps — a NextBillion content partner.  Beep beep! For some…

Starting from Scratch

SUNNY countries are often poor. A shame, then, that solar power is still quite expensive. But it is getting cheaper by the day, and is now cheap enough to be competitive with other forms of energy in places that are…